[Review Revisited] Ratchet & Clank

by the_nmac

The universe needs to be saved once again, and only a Lombax and a robot are up to the task of getting the job done. Can you help them? Then check out our review revisited of Ratchet & Clank!

I loved Ratchet & Clank so much during my first time playing it, that I ended up playing through it four times to get the platinum trophy. Even with four full runts it never felt like a chore since it was so much fun. I went back to it recently since I got a PS4 Pro, and I have to say it might be one of the best looking games on PS4 – it’s one gorgeous game! Everyone who has PS+ should have this in their library since it was a free game of the service. This game is a must-have, so go give it a go!

Ceidz had this to say in his review.

I finished Ratchet and Clank in around 8-10 hours, and reached all the regular trophies in the game before taking on my challenge run to unlock it’s pretty accessible and shiny Platinum Trophy! If you like action/platformers with light RPG elements, you’ll love playing this game! Also, it’s a very family-friendly release, and at each of my play sessions my kids ran to sit next to me to watch me play!

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