[Review Revisited] inFAMOUS Second Son

by Ceidz, Owner

inFAMOUS Second Son is the first entry of the great inFAMOUS franchise on the PlayStation 4, and I’m revisiting this game now that it’s been released two years since its release! If you’ve never played an inFAMOUS game yet, you’ll be pleased by its open-world setting, excellent graphics and fun gameplay mechanics!

In inFAMOUS Second Son, you are following Delsin Rowe in his quest to get new powers after he discovers he’s a Conduit – a term designing people who have special powers. Delsin is special, however, because he can get a new power by touching the hands of someone else who has a power.

I liked how the game slowly introduces news powers, focusing on a few until you have mastered them before dropping a new one before you. One of the things I liked the most was the liberty I had. You can effectively almost do whatever you want in each district. Do you want to take down an enemy command center? Go ahead. Do you want to track down some enemy drones? Great! Do you just want to explore the city for a while? Do it!

The liberty we get once the first segment is over is impressive, and I loved doing all the side-quests that were available as soon as possible. I even took the liberty to do ALL of the side-quests (meaning, liberating every district) before attempting to do any story-related mission!

The difficulty is progressive but felt like it went out of hands during the later boss fights. Also, in true inFAMOUS fashion, you can choose to be either good or evil: you have the control of your destiny, but be careful!

I LOVED playing through inFAMOUS Second Son, and I highly recommend you to try it!

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