[PlayStation 4] Starlit Adventures Review

by Tracey

Starlit Adventures is a colorful and charming Free to Play (F2P) new release on PS4 where you must collect stars as you dig downwards as you try to get a high score. Learn more about it in our Starlit Adventures review!

In Starlit Adventures you play as a mole named Kikki who has a white, star-shaped nose – an incredibly cute looking mole. The game has many worlds that revolve around the main gameplay mechanic: digging through tons of dirt. A monster known as Nuru has stolen all the stars from the sky and Kikki and his trusty mount Bo must plunge into the depths to retrieve all the stars so that they can be put back on the sky.

Starlit Adventures 1

Each level is packed with lots of dirt, enemies, hazards, and plenty of collectibles, like the gems that go towards increasing your final score. There are different types of dirt you’ll face. Some are easily dug with the Adventure Suit, some look like concrete and can be blown up with the Bomb Suit, and then you have the snow dirt which you can dig through with the Snow Suit – and you can also create ice blocks with the same suit. There are other types of blocks like metal blocks as well, and you bet there is a suit for every type of problem you will face.

Starlit Adventures 2

The controls are very easy to get used to since you can use the left analog stick to move around and dig, you can use the Square button to fire, and the Circle button is for your special attack. Every suit has different powers, and you will need to replay levels with different suits to be able to get everything each level has to offer since sometimes stickers and keys are hidden behind blocks that can only be broken by specific suits.

Starlit Adventures 3

There are some basic RPG mechanics in play, but there is no skill tree or anything like that. When you level up, you can hit the Square button to take you to a bonus stage in which you dig through golden blocks, get a key and open the treasure chests which contain between 1 to 6 tokens. You also get a daily bonus of tokens as well when you play the game, and these allow you to purchase suits. The daily bonus isn’t very much, and neither are the level up bonuses, since the most expensive suit is around 460 tokens, which means that buying all suits is not an easy task.

The game offers three golden suits, and these are the best ones in the game: the Dino Suit, the Dragon Suit and the Unicorn suit. These can only be obtained by spending some of your real and hard-earned money, but worry not since the game can be completed without the need to spend anything on things, other than to save some time and to lower your overall grinding – there are no predatory microtransactions in this one.

Starlit Adventures 4

On top of the many levels to complete, there’s also the Infinite Tower which is, as the name suggests, infinite. It’s an endless mode where you dig as far as you can and try and try to survive for as long as possible. If you die you get the first retry for free, but if you die again then the cost goes from free to 1 token, then it rises to 4 tokens, then to 8 tokens and so on. The same happens in normal levels where the first retry is free, so do keep this in mind!

Starlit Adventures 5

There are tons of challenge worlds you can undertake, and each gives you a free pass to try on a suit and, if you like it, you can purchase it with tokens. Challenge worlds are slightly more difficult than the normal levels, so they’re best suited for seasoned players since these can be a bit too frustrating for younger players.

The game doesn’t offer a Platinum trophy, but there are 130 or so in-game achievements you can work on. There are trophies for getting all stars in each world, for opening 50 chests in the Infinite mode, for defeating 100 enemies in Infinite mode, for collecting all sticker packs, for defeating all bosses, and for completing a stage without taking any damage.

Starlit Adventures 6

Starlit Adventures is a fun and colorful 2D adventure that does Free to Play (F2P) right. You can certainly complete the game without spending a dime, and you can get tokens for playing the game every day and completing objectives as you go. If you do want to spend some money on the game to speed things up or to get some of the golden suits, then it’s because you chose to do it and not because the game gets too hard or too unfair to force you to do it.

This Starlit Adventures review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Webcore.

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