Killing Floor: Incursion Out May 1 On PS VR

by EdEN, Owner

Tripwire Interactive is ready to release Killing Floor: Incursion on PlayStation VR next month. Come check out some new screens and info for this new PS VR standalone release!

Killing Floor: Incursion 3

A brand-new, standalone title based on the critically acclaimed Killing Floor franchise, Killing Floor: Incursion charges players with taking on the role of an elite Horzine Security Forces soldier. Team up with allies to fend off the horrific Zed hordes with a wide array of guns, blades, and more. Players may freely explore environments, scavenging for weapons and ammo while searching for the best locations to hold the line against the monster onslaught. Battle in diverse areas from creepy farmhouses to high-tech facilities. Complete Horzine Security Forces missions and unlock the secrets of the Zeds’ mysterious origins.

Killing Floor: Incursion 4

Killing Floor: Incursion 2

Killing Floor: Incursion 1

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