[Review Revisited] Overwatch Review

by the_nmac

Today I want to revisit one of my favorite multiplayer shooters in recent years, as it brought me back to the genre, and reinforced how good online games could be. Come read our Overwatch review!

Overwatch Gameplay Trailer

Overwatch is one of those success stories that you see coming and still don’t believe it until it happens. I remember when it was announced that Blizzard, a studio I have full faith in, was making a hero shooter, a newer game type they never had done before. I thought it would be big but then would see a very low player base since it’s not the type of game Blizzard was known for. That didn’t happen, and the company has continued to work on the game, adding new heroes, modes, event, maps and more.

Overwatch is a multiplayer shooter where you pick a hero character, with each Hero’s skills and play style being wildly different, and you team up with five other players to take on another team of six. There are multiple modes including escort missions, attacking and defending bases, and first to claim and keep. Between the different maps and the sheer variety of characters and playstyles, the game feels different each time you play.

Overwatch Review -2

What got me into the game, however, was the new Deathmatch mode! I held off on purchasing Overwatch until a free weekend a few months ago, where I got to take the Deathmatch mode for a run. I have since branched out into some of the other team modes and am really enjoying the game. For each character, it is easy to understand what makes them strong, but it is hard to master their abilities to make the most of each match.

This really is one of those games you can continually jump back into no matter how much time you took off and still greatly enjoy the game. It was also one of the first to popularize loot boxes, which in this game I don’t mind since they award cosmetic items that make your character look different, different win and victory poses, emotes, voice lines and icons. It was the first to do loot boxes and do them right!! I wish other developers would take note.

The game is about to release it’s next free character update: Brigitte! She is a support class character with a shield, a flailing mace and the ability to heal your team through her inspire ability. I’m looking forward to playing with her joining on the PlayStation 4 version once she is out of Beta on PC.

Overwatch Review - 3

Go and play Overwatch! It’s a great game that does something really different with the genre creating a really cool unique experience that somehow feels different everytime you play. Blizzard has shown great support for the community by constantly adding new free content making this a great game to enjoy on PS4.


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