[Review Revisited] Coffin Dodgers

by the_nmac

Looking for a fun kart game on the PS4, no Sony has not yet resurrected ModNation Racers, but in the meantime check out indie darling Coffin Dodgers!

I love me a good kart racer and for whatever reason, Sony won’t reboot my beloved ModNation Racers, so in the meantime, I’ve been trying to fill the void in my life with Indie Kart Racers. Coffin Chasers is one of those titles that from the appearance shouldn’t be good, yet excels as a racer even with its kooky exterior. If you are looking to have some fun added to your life before the reaper gets you then check out this excellent title.

Tracey had this to say in her review.

Coffin Dodgers is an incredible game that left me wanting more. I had a lot of fun writing my Coffin Dodgers review and I can completely recommend that you get this quirky racing game. I loved the idea of racing with mobility scooters rather than karts, and it was an interesting change from all the other kart racers out there! If you’re looking for a fun game with a full trophy count you can get in around 6-8 hours if you’re good at racing games, then look no further because this is the one for you!

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