[PlayStation 4] de Blob 2 Review

by Tracey

THQ Nordic has remastered the fantastic de Blob 2 for PlayStation 4. Come learn more about this gem of a release in our de Blob 2 review!

You play as a Blob who jumps around bright and colorful stages with the ultimate goal of bringing a ton of color back to all areas. To achieve this goal, you simply absorb a color, to then touch anything that is grey so that you can spice things up with the available colors. The game offers a variety of abilities and gameplay mechanics that allow you to do things such as charging at blockades through the use of color.

de Blob 2 Review - 7

de Blob 2 game has story objectives you need to complete in order to progress, but worry not as they are simple things you can take care of as you go. Just look around each location for question marks so that you can work on the next objective with ease. You’ll learn about mixing colors to produce new colors you will need to complete puzzles. As you paint entire buildings and areas you will be able to liberate residents, and doing this will grant you some extra time to complete objectives and challenges.

de Blob 2 Review - 2

The characters look great and are full of life, with animations that shine and that give you a glimpse at their personalities, even if they express themselves in gibberish voices. The music is very lively and very upbeat, and I could definitely listen to the game’s soundtrack on any day to make me smile. The music changes according to the events that happen in the game which is very nice since you’re not just listening to looping music.

de Blob 2 Review - 3

The variety is what really makes the game very enjoyable, with several mission types as well as epic boss fights to take on, not to mention some 2D stages thrown in the mix to keep everything fresh. Some stages are definitely longer than the rest, but you won’t feel they take so long thanks to the variety of the action. Once you’re in the zone, you will be playing non-stop! It’s a very addictive release with a ton of collectibles to find and upgrades to unlock, and that’s without even aiming at getting gold medals on every single stage!

de Blob 2 Review - 4

While the game is a bit linear with its story objectives, there is room to explore in each level, with some great-looking locations that will surprise you. I have had an absolute blast playing the game for long and relaxing gaming sessions. de Blob 2 is a very fun, colorful and addictive painting puzzler with a nice Platinum trophy that has only one missable trophy. As long as you don’t purchase any upgrade for your character during your run, you can get all trophies in one go. The first game was a fun release, and the sequel takes everything that was great about it and improves on the formula. Hopefully we get a de Blob 3 at some point!

de Blob 2 Review - 6

This deBlob 2 review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by THQ Nordic.

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