[PlayStation 4] Bleed 2 Review

by EdEN, Owner

Bleed 2 from Bootdisk Revolution and Digerati on PlayStation 4 is the action-packed sequel to the action-packed Bleed. Learn more about it in our Bleed 2 review!

For this sequel, controls remain simple and to the point. You’ll move around with the left analog stick and shoot with the right one, jumping with the R2 trigger and slowing down time with the L2 button. If you want to switch weapons, you can press the Square button for the next weapon in your arsenal, or press the L1 button to select the previous weapon on your list. There’s also your handy katana which you can use with the R1 button to defeat enemies or to reflect attacks. After reading this controls might seem a bit complicated to you, but rest assured it all makes sense when you’re playing.

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The game offers four modes to play. The Story Mode is the regular experience with cutscenes, checkpoints and a nice stock of infinite lives at your disposal. For Arcade mode you need to complete the entire game with a single life, so good luck with that! Endless is for taking on randomly generated levels for maximum replay value. The final mode is Challenge in which you select and battle up to three bosses at once which, yes, is just as crazy and hard as it sounds.

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Each stage has four difficulty settings for you to choose from so that players of all skill levels can get a chance to enjoy the game. Easy is for those of you who aren’t big on action games and might need a bit of help, Normal is the regular experience, Hard is for those who like their games to be a bit more challenging, and Very Hard is for those of you who have memorized the entire game and can play it with your eyes closed.

Something you need to remember during your time with the game is that you can deflect some attacks from enemies to deal considerable damage to others. The one thing to remember is that if it’s pink, then you can deflect it, be it a small, medium or large energy attack… or a big boss that has charged up with energy and is dashing towards you while being completely pink.

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As was the case for its prequel, Bleed 2 includes a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy, and you’ll definitely be busy for a while if you want to add this trophy to your collection! The trophy list for Bleed 2 is very similar to that for Bleed since you’ll be tasked with completing the Story mode in each of the four difficulties, clearing Arcade mode in each of the four difficulties, defeating three bosses at once in Challenge mode, clearing each of the game’s levels with an S rank, and more. You’ll need to completely learn how this game works to get all trophies, but at least none of them are missable!

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Bleed 2 improves on the formula of Bleed, giving us a new game with more action, a higher overall difficulty, better graphics, and an even better soundtrack. It’s a better game and a worthy sequel to a very fun game, making this a must-have game you need to get on PlayStation 4.

This Bleed 2 review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Digerati.

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