[Beyond PlayStation] Octodad Review

by EdEN, Owner

Octodad on Nintendo Switch is crazy and bizarre as everywhere else, and you can now take the zaniness with you anywhere you go. Learn more about this must-play release in our Octodad review!

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The premise of the game is simple: you play as an octopus that lives among the humans and makes them think he is also a human. The issue is that he is an octopus, so simple things such as walking around or making a cup of coffee are… different. You will control legs separately as well as an arm, grabbing stuff as needed to complete small challenges presented to you as you go.

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The game actually begins during the main character’s wedding – yes, to a human – so you’ll learn the basics as you try to get ready for the ceremony, getting dressed, finding this and that as you make your way to the main event. Controlling each limb separately is crazy enough that it does take a minute for you to get the hang of things, and then, right before you get married, a new element is introduced: you need to make sure that the people in each area don’t end up realizing you’re not human at all!

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And as a human, you’ll start your day by getting out of bed, talking with your kids, meeting your wife in the kitchen, making some coffee – while making a mess all around the kitchen, cause octopus – before you go out to the yard to get rid of some bad weeds that are growing around your wife’s pretty flowers – just be sure you don’t end up killing all of her flowers or letting your kids realize you’re not human or else it’s game over!

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As you play through each level trying to complete objectives without making a big mess with your octopus you can also search around for some stylish ties which act as the game’s collectibles. You’re wearing a lovely suit, so you might as well get some extra ties to go along with it for variety, right? Some are easy to find while others will be hidden in spots that at first seem out of reach, but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out a solution to your conundrum.

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Octodad is a weird and quirky release that is just as fun on Nintendo Switch as on other consoles, but with the added benefit of being able to play the game at home or on the go with a single purchase. Being able to just pop the console into Tabletop mode and let others take a crack at it will certainly bring a smile to your face since this is a game that is best when shared with friends – you can even go full-on crazy and have several players take control of the octopus, one limb each, and see what happens! So if you’re looking for a very interesting game with a weird premise, Octodad is the way to go on Switch.

This Octodad review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Young Horses.

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