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by EdEN, Owner

ACORN Tactics from TACS Games is a turn-based strategy game on Nintendo Switch that isn’t without its flaws but that, in the end, is a fun release. Learn more about it in our ACORN Tactics review!

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in which the world is in ruins and completely flooded. This has forced humanity to live on floating platforms, which doesn’t seem to be as bad as you think since everyone seems to be happy in their new reality. That is, until alien blobs decide now is the perfect time to take over the world. Because of this, you are tasked with leading ACORN to eradicate the alien threat before it is too late.

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You will be eased into learning the basic gameplay mechanics as you go, being introduced to new blob types you can spot by their different colors, as well as to how your mechs and their weapons can damage each type of blob. At first, you will only be battling against green blobs with medium mechs which can be outfitted with a shotgun for close range damage with high accuracy, a machine gun with bullets that can penetrate through one enemy to damage another, or with a sniper rifle for some long-range attacks that are low accuracy… but that when they hit they do massive damage.

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As you complete stages, you will earn points that can spend on research to unlocks extra slots for mechs on your team (at first you only have three open slots), new mech types, and more. You’ll soon gain access to a light mech that has missiles that are great at dealing considerable damage to the blue type of blob, to a healing bot that has no weapons onboard but which can travel long distances and heal another mech, and a heavy bot that is slow, can’t move too many spaces but has both a machine gun and a huge missile launcher that damages the unit it attacks as well as all units one square around it – friendly units included.

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Every time one of your mechs defeats a blob it will be promoted, gaining one star that will improve its overall stats: hit points, shield points, attack, defense, and so on. That’s right, mechs have a shield on top of their hit points, and you need to be aware of this since blue blobs hit your shields for considerable damage while green blobs can deal big damage to your hit points once your shield is gone, so you need to be aware of this at all times or else you’ll be easily overwhelmed by enemy forces.

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You will also gain access to special cards which can offer boosts to your mechs. If you don’t have an active card, then one is drawn at the start of the round, and they can offer a boost to your attack, defense, speed, heal your mechs, and more. You’ll notice there are crates around each of the levels, and breaking them will reward you with a card to be added to your deck. If you get repeat cards, you can fuse three of them together to upgrade that card type to yield a bigger bonus to you.

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The game is a bit slow at first, and for some reason, all enemy blobs can travel extremely long distances in each stage you battle, which sorta makes it weird that you have weapons with different ranges of attack which should, in theory, keep you safe from their attacks as you plan your next move… when the blobs can just cozy up to you from almost anywhere in each map to perhaps deal a critical hit to destroy one of your mechs.

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Overall, ACORN Tactics is a fun turn-based strategy release on Nintendo Switch with some pros and cons that you’re either going to love or hate. There’s more than enough content to justify its asking price, but the way how the game starts a bit on the slow side during the first handful of stages and the high difficulty of later stages might rub some people the wrong way. But if you stick with it you’ll find a solid indie release that is worth a shot.

This ACORN Tactics review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by TACS Games.

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