[Beyond PlayStation] Puzzle Box Maker Review

by Tracey

Puzzle Box Maker is an addictive and fun indie puzzle game on Nintendo Switch you should get out. Find out why in our Puzzle Box Maker review!

In Puzzle Box Maker you can create your own levels and upload them online to share with the world. This also means you can play the creations of others, which means the game pretty much has endless replayability since new content is added to the game every day. There’s also an Adventure mode in this one and several mini-games to try, making Puzzle Box Maker a title worth your time and money.

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The pre-loaded levels in the game are locked behind collectibles, so you’ll need to collect the required amount of special coins to unlock more content. The levels are a lot of fun and offer plenty of variety. There are picross style levels that you can color to earn coins, making them the easiest type of levels available. Then you have the bomb levels which involve the use of the gyroscope to guide explosives into creations. The Kubi Levels are fun and really cute, and in these you will adventure through platforming levels where you explore and collect flying cubes for coins.

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To get started you need to gain 140 coins, and as you progress and unlock new windows the number of required coins will increase, making each window more expensive. This is the one complaint I have about the game, since I think all content should have been made available since the start, but it sorta makes sense when you realize that the game is aimed at players of all ages. Having all content unlocked from the start would have meant that children could play levels of a higher difficulty right from the start before learning the basics of each type of level.

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On top of all the adventure mode levels, you have the weekly online levels which are, well, refreshed each week, and it showcases players’ designs for you to try out. You can also play levels not presented in the showcase as long as another player provides you with the code needed for accessing the level he/she has created.

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Puzzle Box Maker is a fun and varied package with several types of experiences to enjoy so that players of all ages and skill levels can have a go. The level creation tools are simple to use and allow you to build a ton of stages, greatly increasing the replay value of the game – and even more so when you add the potential for playing the hundreds of levels being created by players around the world. If you like colorful puzzle games, then you should give this one a go.

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This Puzzle Box Maker review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Bplus.

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