[Beyond PlayStation] Link-a-Pix Color Review

by EdEN, Owner

Link-a-Pix Color is the latest puzzle release from Lightwood Games on the Nintendo 3DS. Learn more about this fun release in our Link-a-Pix Color review!

In Link-a-Pix Color you are tasked with solving puzzles by linking squares in each section by color, taking into consideration the number of squares to fill in for each pair of numbers. As you do this, you will slowly start to unveil the hidden image for the puzzle you’re playing, and you’ll be able to spot your mistakes as you notice that the image you’re creating does not resemble anything proper in particular. To help you solve the puzzles, there are some colorful squares with a one on top that stand on their own, so you won’t have to do a thing to link a 1 to anything else, as to not make puzzles too difficult.

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You’ll get the hang of things as you play, and you’ll learn that you should always look for the pair of colorful numbers for which there are no alternate solutions – if one path is all you can follow, then be sure to fill that up before you start to worry about the pairs of numbers that seem to have more than one potential solution. Squares closest to each other, which have a smaller number, should also be your priority since trying to solve the longer ones might end blocking you from having a clear path to solve other pairs.

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You’ll draw lines either by using the stylus or by using the face buttons if you’re more into mechanical inputs. The game’s puzzles won’t be able to fit on a single screen so you’ll be required to explore the full thing by using the analog stick or the D-Pad to move the big rectangle over each area of the puzzle to solve it as you go. Not all spaces need to be filled with color since white squares are also part of the equation, so you’ll need to keep this in mind as you find the solution for each pair of numbers!

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There are 120 puzzles to solve in this release, which is definitely a good amount of content for its $9.99 asking price. Smaller puzzles will take you a couple of minutes, but as you go deeper and deeper into the list, you will need a lot more time to solve each new puzzle.

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I’m definitely a fan of puzzle games, and I liked what Link-a-Pix Color is doing on the Nintendo 3DS, bringing bite-sized and not so bite-sized puzzles developed by Conceptis Ltd for me to solve at home or on the go. I had a lot of fun with this new game from Lightwood Games, and, hopefully, we get a new game from them on Nintendo Switch soon.

Link-a-Pix Color Review - 5

This Link-a-Pix Color review is based on a Nintendo 3DS copy provided by Lightwood Games.

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