Bear With Me Making Its Way To PS4 This Year

by EdEN, Owner

Formerly episodic release Bear With Me from Exordium Games will be seeing a PlayStation 4 release later this year. Come check out the game’s trailer as well as some new info and screens!

Amber and her wise-cracking, chain-smoking companion, Ted E. Bear, will solve puzzles, search for clues and question suspects as they search for her lost sibling in the hand-drawn, monochromatic Paper City.

Ted and Amber will interview a diverse cast of toys brought to life by the power of her imagination including the Mugshot Brothers, an infamous pair of toy rabbits that ended their one attempt at legitimate business by mugging their kid patrons. Many other bizarre and lovable residents await, spouting witty one-liners and pop culture puns.

Bear With Me 9

Bear With Me 8

Bear With Me 7

Bear With Me 6

Bear With Me 5

Bear With Me 4

Bear With Me 3

Bear With Me 2

Bear With Me 1

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