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Wick from Hellbent Games is a horror game on PlayStation 4 that is worth a try. Learn more about this creepy release in our Wick review!

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The premise in Wick is simple: you are left alone in the forest at midnight by a group of idiots who thought it would be hilarious, with a candle and six matches, and you must survive until 6 a.m. Does not sound too bad, right? The problem is, every hour until then you’ll run into one ghost kid after another, and they are mighty pissed and out for blood. If a kid sees you, you’re pretty much dead unless you can quickly run far, far away.

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The game’s controls are easy to understand. You move with the left analog stick or the D-pad and can look around with the right analog stick. If you want to sprint, you can do so by holding down the L1 or R1 button. You can pick up or discard items with the X button. And if you need to light up a match or use a candle, you can do this with the Triangle button. That is all you need to worry about in the game… at least in the control department. You know, because ghosts.

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Along with the whole staying alive thing, you can also grab some collectibles that are only available during each one-hour block. For example, from midnight to 1 a.m. you can find a knife, a rabbit doll, and a creepy mask, as well as a couple of drawings with messages on them. If you manage to survive for the hour (which in the game will take you roughly 7-10 minutes or so), then you’ll move on to the next one-hour block and a new set of items to find.

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There are five ghost kids in the game, and the further you progress the more kids you’ll need to watch out for. I recommend that you never sprint anywhere unless you’re almost at a new candle and you want to light it with your current candle before it runs out because you might end up being tired from running and lack the required stamina to outrun one of the ghost kids. Running also seems to impact your current candle, making it burn faster – at least it seemed to be that way during my time with the game.

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This one has a trophy list with 21 trophies in total, with five Silver trophies and 16 Bronze trophies. A third of the trophies are unmissable since they’re awarded for progressing in the game and surviving hour after hour in the dark and dangerous location you are dropped at, but there are also trophies for finding all drawings, collecting all evidence, or for surviving an hour by using nothing but your 6 matches, to name a few examples.

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Wick is a creepy jump-scare horror game that does a lot with the relatively small area in which you need to survive the attacks of the ghost kids. The fact that every time you die the location of the candles for the one-hour block you’re playing will be randomized means there are some small changes to how you approach subsequent runs, but that’s about it as far as randomization goes. Overall, I liked the game and continued going back to it to try and survive past another one-hour blockand then another one, and then another one. If you’re a fan of horror games, then you’re going to dig this short but fun indie release.

This Wick review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Hellbent Games.

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