[PlayStation 4] Innerspace Review

by Tracey

InnerSpace is a beautiful looking flight version of a walking sim. If that has grabbed your attention, you should definitely check out our Innerspace review!

The game started out as a student project which eventually went to Kickstarter way back in 2014, reaching its base goal of $25,000 and a bit more extra over that – three thousand dollars more to be precise. Three years and change later, the game has finally made its way into gamers hands. Are you ready to learn more about it?

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Innerspace is no ordinary flight simulator since the focus is on allowing you to enjoy the beautiful and colorful landscapes without any worry. For this adventure, you are tasked with helping the Archaeologist to recover the last remaining memories before they are forever lost. To achieve this, you must fly through the skies and deep into the seas to discover the disappearing realm of the Inverse. Entire civilizations have been wiped out! The story is pretty good and will definitely keep you engaged!

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As well as flying around intricate locations like narrow caves, you can also transform your ship into a submarine and travel through the deep blue oceans, taking in all the beautiful landscapes and its charming designs and vibrant colors. The music is soft and melodic, perfectly complementing the whole thing – it makes for a very relaxing experience that will grab your attention in full as it takes you to a zen-style state of mind.

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When flying around the environments you get six degrees of freedom, with plenty of collectibles to find in your journey, including valuable relics – just be ready to search high and low for them as they’re usually hidden. To unlock new areas, you need to perform some puzzle solving tasks like flipping switches, working out how to deal with creatures and more. There is very little in the way of hand-holding for this one, so you’ll need to figure things out as you go. As long as you’re ready to keep your eyes open to be aware of, say, cracked walls or a window here and there, you’ll be able to break them and find what you need.

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You’re encouraged to make the most of some trial and error here and there since you technically can’t die. If you make a mistake, you will just be able to quickly start over without getting any discouraging game overs – you’ll learn from every action you take. There are no hard restrictions, so you’ll be able to play the game at your own pace, do your own thing as you advance the story and enter new areas.

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Overall, Innerspace is a very relaxing, charming, and beautifully colorful release on PlayStation 4. The gameplay mechanics, art style, and music come together to give us a very interesting release that is definitely worth your time and money. Trophy hunters will be able to aim at getting a Platinum trophy added to their collection, which is always a plus, right? Kudos to PolyKnight Games and Aspyr for working to release this one, since it’s a great addition to the PS4 library.

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This Innerspace review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Aspyr Media.

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