[PlayStation 4] Beholder: Complete Edition Review

by Tracey

Will you spy, blackmail or befriend tenants? Will you report everything to the government? Learn more about this one in our Beholder: Complete Edition review!

You play as Carl, a loyal spy for the government. Carl lives with his wife and two children in an apartment building which he has to manage and oversee as landlord. He will need to do all sorts of things for the government while also taking requests from tenants. Carl has to maintain the security of the building, installing security cameras to watch what his tenants are up to. If a tenant breaks the rules he has to report it to his bosses by filling out the appropriate forms. Being diligent in his job and completing task in a set time awards him his pay and a boost to his reputation. Failing to do things properly gets him a big fine and he will lose some reputation. Oh, and if Carl doesn’t have enough money to pay the fines, then he is instantly kicked out of his apartment and fired.

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A lot is expected of Carl, and when he was appointed he given some kind of drug to suppress his need to sleep – Carl works 24/7 with no breaks! And you can either do things as expected and report everyone or review the consequences of your actions – what if reporting someone for something really minor ends up ruining their life and the lives of the whole family?

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The decisions you make can impact the final outcome of the game, and you can definitely expect reaching more than one ending in Beholder: Complete Edition depending on how you do things. Will you become a diligent protector? Will you sacrifice yourself to aid others? Will you abuse your power? There are many ways you can handle each situation in this fun indie release!

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While you do the bidding of the Ministry of Order, you can buy various tools to aid you in your day to day tasks. These include the aforementioned surveillance cameras, but you can also purchase tools to repair apartments. If you’re ever short on cash, you can sell some of your stuff, but you do need yo be careful since buying things you don’t need only to sell them soon after your purchase is far from ideal. For example, surveillance cameras are a must, but don’t go on a shopping spree since you sometimes get new surveillance cameras as a reward for your hard work.

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You can also profile your tenants by asking the NPC about their neighbors, and anything of interest will be highlighted in red text, info that you can also send to the government for more pay and reputation. To do a report or a profile on a tenant, you need to approach your desk and click on the notebook Icon. You then select a person in the list and then choose from a list of available evidence to send it off.

Occasionally, the Ministry will call you with tasks, so if you have no tasks to do it is best to wait by the phone as missing/ignoring calls will lead you into a lot of trouble. And if you are ever unsure of anything like, for example, how to evict someone, you can call the Ministry for valuable advice. A list of topics will pop up, and you can go through as many topics as you want t- once you’re ready you can end the conversation.

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Each task you are given is timed, ranging from a few hours to a few days, and every task is completable within the given timeframe, which is why if you are late you are fined. Fortunately, the saving system is very generous, and if you make a big mistake, which might get yourself shot or put in prison, you can hit continue to be taken right back at the start of the task you screwed up.

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Beholder: Complete Edition is a game that is worthy of your time and money, and I had an absolute blast playing. There are several endings you can reach and many ways you can handle each situation. The decisions you make will impact the endings, so if you want to see everything you’ll need to play nice/be the bad guy and alternate as needed.

This Beholder: Complete Edition review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Curve Digital.

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