Dandara Out On PlayStation 4 On February 6

by EdEN, Owner

Dandara from Long Hat House and Raw Fury is making its way to the PlayStation 4 on February 6. Come check out a new trailer and some new info and screens!

Lucas Mattos, Developer at Long Hat House, had this to say:

Dandara is our unique take on a side-scrolling action-RPG platformer. You play as Dandara, a heroine born from the Crib of Creation into the world of Salt — a once peaceful, dreamlike place now wracked with oppression. Under threat by the Eldarian Army, Dandara must travel and fight to bring order to this directionless world.

What makes Dandara stand out from others in the genre is the fluid, boundless nature of movement throughout the game. You don’t walk or run, but jump everywhere you go. Traverse across floors, walls, and ceilings alike, and at times flip the entire world on its side as you move. Inputs are seamless and easy, making it possible to bound through entire stages rapidly.

Dandara 2

Dandara 3

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