Celeste Out Next Week For PlayStation 4

by EdEN, Owner

Celeste from Matt Makes Games is coming to PlayStaion 4 on January 25! Come learn more about this hardcore colorful platformer.

Celeste 1

Indie game developer Matt Thorson had this to say:

Madeline is on a mission to climb Celeste Mountain, and it won’t be easy. The mountain spans over 700 levels packed with hardcore platforming challenges and devious secrets.

Along the way Madeline will meet peculiar characters and confront her inner demons as she jumps, climbs, and air-dashes her way to the summit. Dedicated mountaineers can even unlock hidden B-Side chapters that will truly test the limits of their skill.

If you’re not looking for a challenge, try playing in Assist Mode, which lets you toggle some powerful accessibility features to tune the game’s difficulty to whatever suits you. You can give yourself extra air dashes, slow the game speed, and more. We certainly designed Celeste to be a challenge, but we understand that every player is different and we want allow players from a wide range of skill levels to enjoy it.

Celeste 2

We look forward to playing the game next week, and can hopefully bring you a review for it!

Celeste 3

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