[Review Revisited] The Last Tinker

by EdEN, Owner

The Last Tinker from Loot Entertainment and Mimimi Productions is a very fun action/adventure game with some puzzles here and there for good measure that is available on PlayStation 4. This is a great looking game where color plays a big part, and the art style really shines thanks to the power of Sony’s latest home console.

You can read the original review right here.

Some might think the game is too short since you’re looking at around 6-7 hours or so to complete the game itself, but trophy hunters know there’s still an extra 2-4 hours in the mix before they can get all trophies for the game. Unfortunately, this release does not have a Platinum trophy. I’m sure that if The Last Tinker was released today it would manage to get a approved for a Platinum trophy, but back in 2014 that was not the case.

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