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by EdEN, Owner

Still Time from Alan Zucconi is an interesting puzzle game in which time control plays a big part. Learn more about this fun indie release in our Still Time review!

As for the game’s controls, you move around with the left analog stick and can jump with the X button. If you want to move through some of the platforms in the game, you can press down on the left analog stick to do so. You can also interact with objects with the Square button, and you can travel back in time by pressing and holding down the L2 button. And if you mess up and are stuck without being able to solve a room, you can click on the Options button and select to restart your current location. Later on you’ll be able to rewind time to a moment in which you were still alive (more on this below). That’s pretty much all you need to know for this one!

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A set of tutorial stages will teach you about pushing crates on top of switches to open doors, traveling back in time so you can, for example, climb up on a ledge and rewind time to a moment when the door was still open. You can have more than one “timeline” active at a time, represented by differently colored versions of you – green, red, blue, orange. With more than one timeline you’ll be able to, for instance, open a door that leads to a switch that must be activated at the same time as the first one so you can activate the third one, so that all switches are active at the same time to open the door towards the exit. From one point forward you can die if you’re not careful, so you’ll need to make sure all versions of you remain alive even after you exit a room.

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Something to consider is that you can’t just rewind time any time you want: you can only do so when standing in these shiny, silvery weird-looking spots. While there, you can rewind through the available timelines you’ve activated, stacking them one on top of the other, to solve the puzzles you’ll run into in each of the many rooms you’ll visit. Also, when you rewind time you are rewinding all actions around you, but now your character directly – the game even jokes about this by saying it isn’t Braid.

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Still Time features a short trophy list with only six trophies in total. The good news is that no trophy is missable. The even better news is that it features three Gold trophies and three Bronze trophies! As long as you complete the game, you will get most of the trophies – oh and do work on completing all challenges in the control room! Those can get tricky with multiple timelines going on, but are a must for getting through the game properly.

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Still Time is a fun puzzle/platformer release on PS4 with plenty to do and an interesting premise that will keep you coming back for more until the end. Being able to set several timeline versions of “you” into motion while having to worry about all of them surviving up to after you’ve exited a room will require some extra effort on your end during the final part of the game, but it’s definitely worth it. Braid this isn’t – as the game cheekily tells you at one point – and that change in focus gives us a different take on the whole rewind gameplay mechanic.

Still Time Review - 5

This Still Time review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Alan Zucconi.

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