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by EdEN, Owner

DeadCore from 5 bits Games and Grip Digital is a hectic action platformer on PlayStation 4. Learn more about it in our DeadCore review!

As I began my adventure with DeadCore, I got started with a fresh new cycle in level 1, ready to search for all ten parks, 20 Logs and 20 Tracks hidden in the game. After a quick collage of colorful, bright and weird images, I found myself quickly falling down onto a platform with no way of stopping. The game then gave me control over my character so that I could move with the left analog stick and look around with the right analog stick, as well as jump (and double jump) with the L2 button. And if I mess something up, I could always hit the Triangle button to quickly respawn.

DeadCore Review - 1

The first area in the game will act as the tutorial, showing you prompts for the action you need to take by showcasing several colorful words floating in the air. It will also show you how checkpoints can save your progress so that when you respawn, you end up in the last checkpoint you reached. There are also launchers that shine with a blue flame and which will propel you in the direction the flame is burning in. This can be a good thing and a bad thing since, if you’re not careful, you might end up landing on a flame that will send you flying towards your death.

DeadCore Review - 2

A couple of minutes in I found a Switch Gun I could fire with the R2 button to, well, activate switches. This includes things that open up your path, the blue flame jumper things that are deactivated and must be activated for a quick burst of air time, doors, or targets that need to be hit while you move in mid-air while worrying about finding a platform on which to safely land – or at least try to! You should also know that you can deactivate things, which is helpful when a jumper trigger is blocking your way.

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While each level has a clear path you can take to reach the exit towards the next one, there are also some other… creative routes you can take if you manage to make the most of your skills and momentum. For example, there are a couple of pick-ups you can grab early in the first stage by accessing an alternate route. But to get there, you’ll need to precisely jump over an inactive jumper that you need to active at the right time to send you propelling sky high with enough momentum to be able to reach a platform that would otherwise be completely out of reach without this extra push.

DeadCore Review - 6

The game includes a trophy list with nothing but Bronze trophies for you, and that means it has 21 trophies up for grabs. They’re awarded for things such as completing story mode to activating and using three jumpers in a row without touching the ground, performing a fall of at least 500 meters, finding all power-ups, completing all maps in speedrun mode, completing a level without being hit by an enemy, and more. It’s a tricky list, especially the handful of trophies for speedrun requirements, but a satisfying one to complete.

DeadCore Review - 7

DeadCore is a fun and challenging first-person action platforming experience that speedrunners are going to love. The gun itself has a timer you can see at all times which marks the total time you’ve spent playing, as a reminder of how you always need to be on the move. The game requires a lot of trial and error as you learn a level’s layout and hazards as you slowly improve your skills to take on the more demanding sections in later levels. If you give this one a chance, you’ll notice that each mistake you make will allow you to learn from it and improve your skills, so that subsequent attempts will bring you closer and closer to your immediate goal.

This DeadCore review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Grip Digital.

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