[Holiday Review Revisited] Far From Noise

by Ceidz, Owner

Far From Noise is an indie release that I loved playing this year. Read below to find out why this is a must-play in a new Holiday Review Revisited!

As you begin, you’ll see that you are in your car, hanging dangerously on the edge of a cliff. Your car engine doesn’t seem like it’ll start anytime soon, so you start to think about the alternatives you have to get out of there. Being far away from civilization (hence the game title), you’ll end up talking to yourself and to the different wildlife around you.

You can read my full Far From Noise review right here, or the interview we did with George Batchelor!

This game is visually very beautiful, even if you’ll be seeing the same scenery from the beginning to the end of this game. The colors are vivid, and I loved watching the slow transition from day to night. The soundtrack is also amazingly well done and perfectly complements the setting during key moments in the story. In short, this game is relatively minimalistic, and that works great for the type of experience it presents.

Far From Noise 4

I must also mention how the narration in Far From Noise is perfect. Perfect. I won’t spoil the story at all here, but it does get pretty philosophical as it progresses, and I’m sure each player will end up taking a different experience depending on where they are in their real-world life.

Far From Noise 2

Far From Noise is a unique experience that I’m delighted to have had a chance to play, and I loved each minute of it. Its creator, George Batchelor, did an amazing job on this release that every player looking for a different, introspective experience should definitely play! Come for the game presentation, and stay for the amazing narrative!

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