Wizard of Legend Coming To PS4 In Early 2018

by EdEN, Owner

Wizard of Legend from Contingent99 will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 in early 2018 thanks to publishing partner Humble Bundle. Come check out the game’s trailer and learn more about it!

John Polson, Publishing Lead at Humble Bundle, had this to say:

The dev team of Contingent99 is two high school friends who decided to tackle gamedev co-op style. The two are big fans of action and fighting games, so they’ve made fluid combat the main focus of the game. Think of Wizard of Legend as a pixelated hybrid of Devil May Cry or Bayonetta style hack-and-slash with Street Fighter combos and super moves.

Combat in Wizard of Legend revolves around using magical spell cards known as arcana. Each arcana is unleashed with a simple button press. Unleashing them in quick succession to create a combo will become second nature, as you navigate through the challenges of the Chaos Trials. While you begin the game with just a handful of your favorite arcana, you’ll quickly discover more as you progress, boosting your hand and allowing you to pull off longer, more devastating spell combos.

Wizard of Legend 3

Wizard of Legend 2

Wizard of Legend 4

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