Riverbond Making Its Way To PlayStation 4 In 2018

by EdEN, Owner

Indie developer Cococucumber has announced it will be releasing Riverbond on PlayStation in 2018. Come check out a new trailer for the game right here!

Vanessa Chia, Co-founder and Art Director of Cococucumber, had this to say:

With a gorgeous isometric voxel art style, explosive combat and awesome real-time physics, Riverbond will be a standout action-adventure game for PlayStation 4. This is a family-friendly game for players of all ages, so make a date with your friends or kids and play Riverbond in couch co-op mode for chaotic and fun times.

Riverbond 1

Riverbond has players embark on a quest to help the citizens of Riverbond to stop the evil that has befallen the land. Players will explore the hidden depths of the world, discover new weapons, treasures and secrets, and face deadly bosses, in a brisk and heroic campaign.

Riverbond 2

Riverbond 3

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