[Review Revisited] White Night

by the_nmac

White Night is an adventure survival horror title that puts you in the 1920’s as you explore an abandoned house after you got into a car accident. Matches, which are limited, are your only source of light. You soon find out what happened in the house and how you fit into it!

At the time I said:

This is a really unique game that I’m glad I got a chance to play. The game tells a compelling story as you solve the mysteries surrounding this weird house. I love the adventure games for the game, and perhaps it would have been great if you could focus more on the exploration and they had used the ghosts to set up the story and scare you from the periphery. I’m glad Activision took a chance on publishing this game, as the studio is known for its bigger triple A titles and not for stylized releases such as this one. Hopefully, this keeps these smaller unique titles hitting the market from now on.

I really liked the game and thought it was a unique tale with some great art. Check out my review at !


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