Remaster For Star Ocean: The Last Hope Out On PS4

by EdEN, Owner

Star Ocean: The Last Hope originally released on PlayStation 3, but now Square Enix is giving the game a second chance with a 4K and HD Remaster. Come check it out!

Star Ocean: The Last Hope - 1

Takaaki Kai, Producer at Square Enix, had this to say:

When The Last Hope originally released on the PS3, I was still a student, and it was the first game from the Star Ocean series I ever played. I was captivated by the beautifully scenic outer space, as well as the spectacular effects displayed in battle that were generated through the capabilities of the next-gen hardware. The battles were challenging, and I remember being late to class countless times back then.

It must have been some kind of fate that I have now had the opportunity to take part in the development of Star Ocean -anamnesis-, a mobile game released in Japan. Some anamnesis players became interested in the series through the mobile game, and desired to play the previous console titles. We wanted these players to enjoy the beautiful experience and exhilarating battles from The Last Hope, and then began planning for its remaster.

For this particular title, we focused on maintaining the gameplay experience from the original, while elevating the visual expression. Some of the more representative work done on this title include:

Upconverting the textures, and upresing the UI textures to 4K

Implementing graphical options, such as camera blur, self shadow, and shadow quality selection.

tri-Ace’s proprietary engine, the Aska library, has also been overhauled since then, so it allowed for a more realistic lighting that also contributed to the overall quality. A big hurdle was realizing 60fps with a 4K resolution. Since a wider area needs to be rendered, the post-processing load was heavier, so when the tri-Ace programmers repeatedly worked to optimize the game, and reached the point where the frame rate was stabilized at 60fps, it was a true moment of relief for all of us.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope - 2

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