Now Has Over 2,500 Published Posts!

by Ceidz, Owner

Earlier this week, we reached a new milestone at over 2,500 posts published!

This site was initially been founded by Tosh back in February 2013, soon after the PlayStation 4 was revealed. Back then the information about the PlayStation 4 was scarce, so we decided to dive in and add our own opinions on this console… and here we are a few years later with over 2,500 posts and counting!

Here are some rough numbers from this blog:

*Remaining posts are uncategorized

We wouldn’t be nowhere near where we are right now if all of you weren’t checking the site, not to mention without the help from our team of talented reviewers! We notice a steady increase at the site in our readers total month-over-month, and we’re very proud of how the site has evolved and still continues to improve.

So here’s to the next milestone: 5,000 posts… and beyond!

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