Are you ready for Episode 2 of the second season for Telltale Game’s Batman? Then come check out Batman: The Enemy Within – The Pact review to learn more about it!

As always, due to the nature of Telltale Games’ episodic releases, there are bound to be some spoilers after this line. If you still want to learn more, then carry on!

In the second episode of Batman: The Enemy Within, called The Pact, you’ll get to carry on directly after what happened in the first episode. Due to my particular actions, one of the members of The Agency, Agent Avesta, ended up losing her hearing, but at least I managed to keep her alive! Riddler’s traps, tricks and puzzles almost ended up killing her and Batman, but in the end justice prevails… even if Riddler ended up paying with his life.

Batman: The Pact Review 1

I decided to see where things would go with Waller, especially after the bomb she dropped at the end of the first episode for this second season: she knows Batman is Bruce Wayne. Turns out she understands that she needs both Batman and Bruce Wayne to get rid of all the scum that are trying to make Gotham theirs and no one else’s.

As soon as things seemed to be done for the night, an explosion goes off in Gotham City, forcing Batman to continue into working overtime to see what is going on. With Riddler gone, who is pulling the strings now? Who wants to see Gotham suffer? You’ll need to make your way to the GCPD Arsenal storage before it is too late since there’s a group of criminals out to steal everything. And once you arrive, guess who’s in there trying to get his hands on every weapon inside? Bane. As has been the case for other villains in Telltale Games’ take on Batman, this Bane is different from what we’ve seen before in comics and movies.

Batman: The Pact Review 2

That’s as far as I’ll go with the story for this episode since I don’t want to end up spoiling the whole thing for you! Rest assured that the rest of the episode is just as good as The Enigma, and then some. Why? Because it has Harley Quinn in it, and that instantly makes anything everything a lot better, right?

Batman: The Enemy Within – The Pact ends in a cliffhanger, as is to be expected from a Telltale Games episodic release, and it will definitely leave you wanting more. Luckily the third episode for the series releases soon, so the wait won’t be that long!

This Batman: The Telltale Series The Enemy Within The Enigma review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Telltale Games.

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