[PlayStation VR] Fishing Master Review

by ThePeltonian

Fishing Master is a new release on PlayStation VR you should check out if you’re into virtual fishing. Find out why in our Fishing Master review!

Ok so most of us at one time have picked up a fishing rod and gone fishing possibly with dad or grandpa and felt the excitement of sitting on a bank casting out the line and waiting for your first bite. And waiting… and waiting… and waiting. And then…. FISH ON! You struggle for what feels like hours to get in what’s taken your bait to find it was the smallest fish in the river! Then you wonder, what would it be like to catch a huge fish like you’ve seen on the TV? Well, now’s your chance to do just that!

You start off on the back of a boat in the San Francisco bay where the weather is good. You’ll start a quick tutorial on how to cast your line out, plus catch your first couple of fish, sounds easy, right? You control your rod and reel with only one PlayStation Move Controller. Yes, only the one. This mechanic does NOT initially feel right, but you eventually get the hang of things.

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You cast your line by casting like you would when using a real rod, but let go of the trigger at the apex of the cast. There will be some trial and error involved for this one, but it will then become second nature. At where the hook lands, you will have an icon of a hook just above on the water. Normally within a few seconds you will get a bite and your icon is replaced with a movement icon to show you which way to strike the fish on your hook.

After you’ve hooked a fish, the Move controller vibrates in accordance to the fish’s attempts to set itself free touch. Like with real fishing, you have to tire the fish by pulling against the fish’s direction with your rod, as you try to keep the line from snapping. Luckily you have a bar on screen which shows you the line tension, which is of huge help.

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Once you land your catch in the boat, it is added to the fish catalog and to your personal aquarium which you can access by putting on your scuba kit that is available in each location by clicking on the boat door behind you – this takes you upstairs to the upper deck of the boat. In here you have various interactive items, starting with the fish catalog with all the fish you have caught – there are plenty to go at as the game offers over 200 different species of fish that have their own unique behaviors and AI. On top of that, there are fifty different tools in the kit selection that you are given/earn or buy, and they range from rods, and reels to new lines.

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Within the map you have a few locations in San Francisco, the Alps and the Arctic, all of which unlock as you progress by completing tasks. Tasks start off easy and get progressively harder. You can also join multiplayer tournaments which adds an extra layer of gameplay to the game. This one game offers three kinds of multiplayer matches: Small Match, Grand Prix Competition and Professional League. In these modes, players are required to reach certain goals, such as catching the largest fish or the most fish within the time allotted, to end up victorious.

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Graphically the game is a treat, with each of the locations looking great. There are three versions of each location, changing the weather and some other stuff here and there. On top of the great looking locations, the detailing/markings on the 200+ fish are realistic, although a bit too shiny at the same time, which does detract a bit from the enjoyment of the game.

The game however, does have its drawbacks. During my time playing Fishing Master for this review, I had to reset the view on my PlayStation VR headset 4 times to be able to continue playing. Mind you, I had to reset the actual PS VR headset and not reseting my view with the reset button since that one didn’t seem to work. That being said, this one is still a fabulous immersive treat and does make you feel like you’re on a boat having a great time.

Fishing Master Review - 5

Fishing Master on PlayStation VR is well worth the try if you like a good angling competition. It’s light-hearted and fun, and it will immerse you into a world of the sport and transport you to places you wouldn’t normally be able to visit – which is the whole point of a VR experience, right

This Fishing Master review is based on a PS VR copy provided by Snowball Games.

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