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by Tracey

Fragments of Him is a walking simulator with a story about loss told from different perspectives. Learn more about it in our Fragments of Him review!

Fragments of Him follows the story of a man named Will who had his life tragically cut short in a vehicle accident. There are four story arcs to play out: Will’s, Harry’s (his boyfriend at the time of his death), Sarah (his former girlfriend) and, finally, one as Will’s grandmother. The story will revolve around these characters as they experience and learn to cope with loss.

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I am a huge fan of walking simulators since most of them very story driven, offering a solid story to follow. For Fragments of Him, you will see things from the perspective of three people who are still alive, and you will also take on controlling Will, but only as a spectral entity rather than an actual person. As you play and explore the game, you will interact with items that have a connection with Will, with things as obvious as his car keys. Each location has a few clickable items that help to carry the story forward – anything that glows with a yellow outline is clickable.

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Fragments of Him offers up a rollercoaster of emotions, particularly from Will’s Grandmother, Mary, who comes from a different time where homosexuality was frowned up on. She couldn’t get her head around Will’s bisexuality, and as you play her story arc you can see it’s a very touchy subject. Clearly she couldn’t help feeling confused about Will’s sexuality who liked both girls and boys.

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During the course of the game you will visit places that Will liked and see people he knew, gaining some insight into who Will was and the kind of person aspired to be. Will is certainly a person i would have liked as a friend. The information you learn from all parties as well as from Will himself paint a very solid picture.

My only complaint about the game would be that the character models looked too much like mannequins, but that’s type of minimalist approach is exactly what the team wanted to do for the game so that players focused on the story, so there’s that. The voice acting in the game is top notch and it helps to considerably elevate the story arc.

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Fragments of Him is a very short game, but if you want to get all trophies you’ll need to play it at least twice since you’ll need to make different choices here and there – things as simple as deciding if Will is going to take a shower before or after having breakfast. Overall, you’re looking at 4-5 hours at most for getting all trophies in the game – and no, there is no Platinum trophy.

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Fragments of him handles loss and sexual orientation, two very tricky topics, in a sensitive way. Having experienced profound loss myself, I applaud the approach the developers took since the feeling of loss is very real in this game and it is presented in a proper way. A big message presented by the game, and one I approve of, is that if you’re feeling depressed about loss or about your sexuality and how things are evolving around you, then you should seek help – there is no shame in asking others for their support! Fragments of Him is a great walking simulator with an excellent story and one you should pick up on PS4 today!

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This Fragments of Him review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Sassybot.

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