Play For Honor For Free During November 9-12

by EdEN, Owner

Ubisoft has announced that gamers will be able to enjoy For Honor for free from November 9 to November 12 if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription!

Season 4 of For Honor starts on November 14, so this is Ubisoft’s way of getting players to prepare for that with a free slice of the game for a few days to see if anything clicks with you.

Mikel Reparaz from Ubisoft had this to say:

Headlining Order & Havoc are its new Heroes: the Aramusha, a ronin-like Hybrid for the Samurai faction; and the Shaman, a lightning-fast Assassin for the Vikings. Inspired by historical samurai Miyamoto Musashi, the Aramusha wields dual katanas and is capable at offense and defense, able to chain together fast attacks and counter when the enemy least expects it.

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