[Beyond PlayStation] Elliot Quest Review

by Tracey

Elliot Quest is a very fun and relaxing game that bears a lot of similarities to The Legend of Zelda: The Adventure of Link. Learn more about it in our Elliot Quest review!

A demon has put Elliot under a curse, and sadly it is consuming Elliot’s life – he will slowly turn into a demon! Elliot set’s off on a quest to find a cure for this nasty curse. Elliot Quest offers several dungeons and bosses to defeat, with a challenge that increases as you dive deeper into your quest.

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You can level up in Elliot Quest, so the more enemies you kill the more EXP you can earn. You can also use points to upgrade your skills so that you can, for example, have faster ammo reloads – something that will be handy later in the game. As you gain levels you will be able to upgrade your attack power, wisdom, magic, health and so on. You will be able to choose where you distribute the points given and the stats will improve in areas you choose to increase.

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You’ll use your bow and arrow to damage enemies, use bombs to blow up breakable walls to find secret areas, and obtain improved abilities such as a new jump that will allow you to reach new areas. You will feel lost and confused at the start of the game, but with patience and perseverance you will start to piece together the pieces of the puzzle. You will encounter tons of treasure chests full of loot and you can also loot vases that often have coins, health pickups or bomb supplies, so make the most of these helpful items!

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The game can be challenging at times, which is why it’s great that each dungeon has plenty of save points at specific spots. They look like stones tablet that emit a blue glow, and once you’ve activated one you’ll be able to respawn at it if you end up dying. This makes it possible for players to make some progress as they take on the horde of enemies out to get them, because even if you take some risks here and there you’ll know you won’t end up losing much progress and will be able to quickly get right back on track.

Elliot Quest Review - 5

Each of the game’s boss fights require some solid timing and lots of dodging on your end – you can’t just button mash through a fight! It’s all about learning a boss’ movement and attack patterns as you wait for the right opportunity to strike. Every boss is different and will keep you working hard as you try to stay alive, increasing in difficulty the higher you go on the list.

Elliot Quest Review - Boss

The game has a minimalist but colorful pixel art style that looks great on the TV and on the Nintendo Switch screen. Sure, it might not be for everyone, but I do feel that the game’s look greatly complements the gameplay mechanics and action. I’d definitely be up for seeing a sequel on Nintendo Switch soon!

The game is a lot of fun and I love how it was inspired by the second The Legend of Zelda game, which I still think is a fantastic game. This 2D action/adventure platformer is huge and offers a lot of content to enjoy for a great price – it’s only $9.99 and offers 12+ hours of content!

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This Elliot Quest review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Playeveryware Games.

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