[Beyond PlayStation] Conga Master Party! Review

by Tracey

Conga Master Party! is basically exactly what it sounds like, and it’s very fun! Learn more about this colorful release in our Conga Master Party! review!

In Conga Master Party!, you have to pivot your way around the dance floor as you try to get other partygoers interested in joining your conga line. The goal is to form the biggest line possible but, unfortunately, it is not as easy as it sounds. Conga Master Party! is a dance floor game aimed at all gamers with its colorful design, upbeat tunes and easy to learn but hard to master gameplay mechanics.

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You will need to use both shoulder buttons to pivot your way around the dance floor as you try to coax other dancers to join you. You will have to circle round them, even harass them a bit, to form a long and steady Conga line. You will have to do this repeatedly as they don’t join straight away, and you cannot touch, push or shove them as they will get angry and not join. Due to the interesting control setup, it is hard not to accidentally shove another party goer, and if you do an X will appear over their head, letting you know they’re not interested. There is also a momentum meter at the bottom of the screen, and once that runs it, it is game over, and you are forced back to the main menu. Keep the meter going by getting others to join your Conga line, and you’ll be fine.

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To make the game a bit more interesting, the dance floor is littered with banana skins, and if you step on one, you will slip, causing you to lose momentum. There are also tables and chairs you must pivot around as you try to complete some fun objectives during each rung. Meeting the required objectives will reward you with prizes, such as extra momentum time, so always keep them in mind!

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There are several different locations to show off your Conga Master skills and a ton of unlockable characters with various Conga stat skills. There are plenty of power-ups to help you attract others to join your Conga. The difficulty does ramp up quite unfairly as you progress through the different clubs, so there is some strategy involved, but that aside it is still very much a casual game.

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Conga Master Party!, in an interesting surprise, offers full amiibo support for those of you that have a solid collection. As you can imagine, this feature is exclusive to the version of the game for Nintendo’s hardware, and using amiibo will unlock themed cosplay costumes for the playable characters. On top of this, the Nintendo Switch version of the game includes two new multiplayer modes, two new stages (Conga Burger and Conga’s Palace), as well as ten new playable characters.

As for the multiplayer, it offers support for up to four players from a single Nintendo Switch console either at home or on the go, for which you’ll obviously need an extra pair of controllers when playing in Tabletop Mode. The two Nintendo Switch exclusive multiplayer modes are 1, 2, Conga, in which two players collide and try to win a rock, paper, scissors battle, sa well as Just Conga, where the Joy-Con are used to strike dance poses to win.

Conga Master Party! Review - 5

Overall, Conga Master Party! is a fun party game with colorful graphics and hectic gameplay. Its controller setup does need a bit of a trial and error before you can get things just right, but that’s part of the fun in the game. The more people you have around for playing, the better your overall experience will be, so be sure to throw a Conga party at your home or on the go!

This Conga Master Party! review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Rising Star Games.

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