Behind Mulaka Explores Tarahumara Culture

by EdEN, Owner

Indie Mexican team Lienzo has released the first video in their Behind Mulaka series which will explore the Tarahumara culture that inspired the game. Come check it out!

Aptly named “The Tarahumara Culture,” the series’ first chapter acts as a primer of this indigenous peoples’ history and renown. From their incredible stamina and “superhuman” long-distance running talents, to the beautifully iconic geography they call home, get a glimpse into the cultural heart that beats through Mulaka.

It’s this vibrancy that drives “Behind Mulaka,” offering viewers the opportunity to better understand the traditions and beliefs of the Tarahumara peoples, given their roles in Mulaka’s development and, ultimately, gameplay. Much in the way players are given unlimited stamina to highlight the Tarahumara’s talents for long-distance running, everything from language to the afterlife is lovingly adapted to ensure the experience makes the most of video games as an interactive medium.

What did you think of this first video? Let us know in the comments below!

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