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Syndrome Out Today For PlayStation 4/PS VR |

Syndrome Out Now For PlayStation 4/PS VR
EdEN, Owner
  • On October 9, 2017

Big Moon Entertainment and Camel 101 are set to release Syndrome on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR today. Come check out the game’s trailer and some new screens and info!

Syndrome takes the horror genre back to its terrifying roots as players wake up on a deserted and adrift spaceship, dazed and confused from a deep cryosleep, only to discover that most of the crew are dead or… changed. In order to survive the horrors that lurk in the shadows, players must explore the eerie confines of the ship in search of the last few weapons aboard, moving as stealthily as possible to evade direct enemy combat. Amidst numerous reactive adversaries awaiting close by, players interact with keypads and computer consoles to find clues as to what happened aboard and how to escape the deadly syndrome alive.

Syndrome 2

Syndrome 4

Syndrome 5

Syndrome 1