[Review Revisited] FINAL FANTASY IX Review

by the_nmac

Kidnap the princess… oh she wants to be kidnapped? Work as a team to stop nations from going to war and destroying the world. Check our Final Fantasy IX review for the best game in the series!

Okay so there might be some confusion as this is a PS1 game, but we’re covering it because Square Enix released what is my favorite Final Fantasy (Final Fantasy IX) on PS4… with full trophy support! It is a Port of the PC version available on Steam, and it includes some enhancements such as autosave, the ability to speed up the game, fully powered up characters, deactivating encounters if needed, all presented in high definition… kind of.

Final Fantasy IX was the last Final Fantasy release on the PS1. After giving us VII and VIII and they’re more modern-ish feel, this game returned to its roots, featuring a more fantasy-like setting instead of the more realistic and steampunk settings that we had seen in the past few iterations, with a more colorful palette as well. It still uses the classic active turn-based system which future titles would dump in favor of a more action-oriented take. All of the original classes are back from the first few games but in personified form, from Vivi the Black Mage and Zidane the Thief, to Dagger the White Mage, Steiner the Knight and more.

FINAL FANTASY IX_20170817215539

The visual updates are great and make all character models pop thanks to new textures making that make them look great in our current gen system. Unfortunately, the backgrounds did not get a massive upgrade since, it seems, Square Enix sorta lost the original resources for said backgrounds – this gives us great looking characters with backgrounds that seem a bit blurry – not a deal-breaker but something you should know.

If you want to play one of the best Final Fantasy games, then this is the best version for that. With the Final Fantasy VII remake project in full swing, hopefully, that’s the start of what will surely be a very long process for also remaking Final Fantasy VIII and, I one can hope, Final Fantasy IX. But for now, I very much look forward to playing the full release of the Nintendo Switch exclusive Project Octopath Traveler as I wait for Final Fantasy VII on PS4 and PS4 Pro.


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