[PS4] Raiden V: Director’s Cut Review

by EdEN, Owner

Raiden V: Director’s Cut is the definitive version of the game, and it’s now available on PlayStation 4. Learn more about it in our Raiden V: Director’s Cut review!

If you’ve never heard about the Raiden franchise, it’s a series of vertical shoot ‘em ups with fast-paced action and plenty of enemies to defeat. You’ll get to select a ship between three available options and set out on a mission to save the world. The three ships are:

• Azuma (Japan) (Japan Air Self Defense Force)
Power – Medium
Defense – Medium
Speed – Medium
Sub Weapon – Homing Rockets

• Spirit of Dragon (United States of America) (U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force)
Power – High
Defense – High
Speed – Low
Sub Weapon – Nuclear Missile

• Moulin Rouge (France) (Armée de l’Air)
Power – Low
Defense – Low
Speed – High
Sub Weapon – Chasing Laser

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As you can see, each one has a different sub-weapon, as well as a different balance between power (attack), defense (how much damage you take) and speed (how fast you can move). All three are great ships, but you’ll probably find one that best suits your playing style after you take all three for a spin. On top of this, you’ll need to select the main weapons you’ll take with you for your mission between the available options, and you should choose wisely since weapons can be powered up by collecting pickups that match a weapon’s color.

The game offers five difficulty settings. Very Easy is for those new to shoot ‘em ups since enemy attacks are slower and some can even be destroyed. Easy ramps things up a bit to ease players into the action. Normal is the regular difficulty setting and is how the team wants players to take on the game. And then we have Hard and Very Hard. Hard is for those who have enjoyed previous games in series since enemy shots move faster, which will certainly make regular levels and bosses more challenging. Very Hard is for those who think they’re very skilled at shoot ‘em ups since enemy shots feel as if they were teleporting right into your ship – you’ll be quickly overwhelmed if you jump into this one!

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There’s also a practice option which I suggest you take on first so that you can get the hang of things as you learn the game’s controls and learn the basics. Why? Because enemies won’t fire at you, so you’ll be able to, well, practice so that you can see what you’ll be facing.

The game’s Story Mode will take you from New York City to the Middle East, France, and other unnamed secret locations so that you can defeat the enemies attacking the area as well as the mighty boss at the end of the stage. It’s a lengthy campaign by shoot ‘em up standards that will take you well over an hour to complete. And once you’ve finished Story Mode you can do it all over again as you aim at getting all S routes for each stage by defeating all enemies, avoiding being damaged, keeping your combo count high and your score even higher.

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You’re probably wondering what’s new for this Director’s Cut, which is to be expected. There are two new missions which have been created specifically for the Raiden V: Director’s Cut, and levels include several branching paths that are activated based on your performance. There’s also a Boss Missions mode in which you’re tasked with defeating bosses under specific circumstances as you aim at getting your name into the leaderboards. There are also several pieces of concept art for the game’s characters, ships, locations and enemies, which is always a nice bonus.

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Raiden V: Director’s Cut features a full trophy list with a Platinum and, as is usually the case with shoot ‘em up release, it’s going to be a hard trophy to add to your collection! First of all, some of them require that you play the game on Normal or higher, while there’s one in particular that asks that you play on Very Hard – complete stage 1 without taking any damage. The rest of the trophies are for defeating the bosses, completing the game with all possible endings, find all S routes in the game and finish your mission without using any continues, destroying thousands of enemies with bombs, destroying pieces of debris and more. It’s a very varied list that will keep you busy for many hours as you try to unlock that Platinum trophy at the end.

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Raiden V: Director’s Cut is a very fun and fast-paced shoot ‘em up on PS4 that fans of the genre, and fans of the Raiden franchise, are going to love. There’s a lot of content to enjoy in this one and plenty of replayability thanks to the different routes available for each stage, and trophy hunters will end up spending even more time with the game if they want to unlock every single trophy in the list. Raiden V: Director’s Cut is the definite version of the game and a welcome addition to the PlayStation 4 library, and you should play it today!

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This Raiden V: Director’s Cut review is based on a PS4 copy provided by UFO Interactive Games.

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