[PS4 Double Review] Morphite Review

by ThaRaven403

Morphite is a new PlayStation 4 release that has a little bit of Metroid and a little bit of No Man’s Sky. Learn more about this one in our Morphite review!

This is a double review for Morphite. The game was played by ThaRaven403 and Ceidz. This review presents what they both had to say.

Morphite – Launch Trailer

Morphite is a first-person exploration adventure in which you take control of Myrah, a young woman who’s sent on an exploration mission to another planet, but ends up finding some material that was thought to be extinct: Morphite. The rest of the story will unfold from this premise as there seem to be some mysteries surrounding her life which were kept from her by the man who raised her since she was a child.

Morphite Review - 1

There are also a lot of sidequests you’ll be able to start as you take on the main story, all to give you more and more reasons to go out and explore. It’s worth mentioning that there’s a lot of planets to explore in the game. I browsed the starmap, and after seeing about 50 solar systems (each containing generally 2-3 planets and a space station), I went back to my objective, but I was not even on the edge of the map, so you’ll make some pretty long trips in the game. Oh, and all those planets out there? They’re randomly generated, so even if you decide to go and explore them all (that could take a while!), you won’t just be going around the same map over and over with different textures applied to the scene.

I have to say I’m having quite a lot of fun playing this game for review… more than I imagined! The story is intriguing and keeps me going to know more, and the planets are quite fun to explore. Being the type of guy that loves to upgrade everything I can in most of the games I play, this one’s been a blast. Since you require some upgrades to be able to visit other planets, you just know that you’ll find some even rarer scans on those planets to be able to reach better upgrades, and that goes on for a while if you want to upgrade everything.

I also like the fact that there aren’t too many enemies, as I actually hate playing first-person games on a console (the only exception so far has been the Fallout series, and, well, this game!), when there’s so much action going on that you have to move, shoot and act fast or else you’re dead. This one has a nice pace to it with occasional fights which is perfect for me to enjoy this one.

Morphite Review - 2

From a trophy hunter perspective, this game seems like an easy one. Most of the trophies are either tied to the story, or about upgrading your stuff (you have to upgrade pretty much everything). There are also trophies for exploring a number of planets, but I’m pretty sure it comes naturally while playing. It might just take a bit of time to get them all, because, like I mentioned before, everything’s randomly generated, so some scans might be hard to find depending on that randomness element.

As soon as the game starts, you are introduced to Kitcat, a cat that will help you on your tasks. And then, a few minutes later, you’re tasked with scanning any plant or wildlife around you. Don’t worry though, not too many creatures will get in your way as the game is mostly about exploration and scanning all the plants, trees and wild animals that you see when you’re visiting each new location. All those scans will eventually allow you to upgrade your suit (to be able to go on planets where the temperature is over 1000 degrees or other crazy stuff!), your weapons, or your spaceship. Speaking of the animals, most aren’t particularly hostile, and some of them are often seen walking aimlessly into a wall – that was weird!

You’ll be traveling from solar systems to solar systems to visit planets to gather materials, explore ancient temples, and fight the monsters that do get in your way. One of the things I disliked was that navigating in the great star ocean requires fuel (which recharges automatically), but since you have only enough fuel to reach the nearest start, you have to wait between each hop for fuel to recharge until you have a bigger tank.

Morphite Review - 3

Another thing I wanted to mention is that the game felt a bit unintuitive during gameplay. I was sorta expecting something like the way the Ratchet & Clank handles weapon selection, which I think would have been a good optin for Morphite. As for the game’s presentation, I understand that the team was going for a minimalistic look, but the art style didn’t click with me – I feel it clashes with the overall feeling of the game.

I also ran into a bug around 10 minutes into my first run that forced the game to crash, sending me back to the PS4 main hub menu which was… odd. The game didn’t crash again after this hiccup, so there’s that. And for those of you who do some of your PS4 gaming by way of your PlayStation Vita, be warned that the game makes extensive use of the L2 and R2 triggers, which will certainly get in the way of your portable remote gaming enjoyment.

Morphite Review - 4

Final Thoughts
As you can tell from our review, Morphite is definitely a polarizing game. Ceidz didn’t like the game as much as ThaRaven403, so your mileage with the game will certainly vary. There’s a lot of potential in this one, especially coming from the indie teams that worked on it, so for it’s $15 asking price we think you should play it on your own to see how you do with this first person exploration adventure.


$14.99 (PlayStation 4)

PSN Game size: 394MB

This Morphite review is based on PS4 copies provided by Crescent Moon Games.

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