[PlayStation VR] Light Tracer Review

by ThePeltonian

Light Tracer is an interesting take on the platforming genre which is now available on PlayStation VR. Learn more about it in our Light Tracer review!

The game features a tower and players must lead a princess to the top to save her ailing people. To do so, players will use the power of a “Light Staff” to guide the princess through puzzle and platforming systems. You take on the role of a god-like being that controls, manipulates and interacts with both the environment and the princess. You start the game on a platform discworld with the Princess, a couple of trees and a portal – this gives you a quick chance to test what the controllers do.

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When you send the princess into the portal, she is teleported to the tower where you move the princess around and have the opportunity to take part in small tutorials which are short and to the point. You use both PlayStation Move controllers for this game, with the “Light Staff” in your right hand, which you control the Princess with by pointing the light in front of her to guide her around obstacles and solve puzzles around the tower. The Move controller in your left hand controls the environment, and using the trigger button you can grab and move the environment. If you pull towards you, it zooms in, and you can also slightly spin the environment so you can get a better view of where you need to get the princess to.

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The left Move controller also has another function: manipulating contraptions. Using the Move button while pointing at certain objects you can turn platforms or move blocks in certain directions to complete puzzles – you can recognize these types of objects as they seem to have a brass and glass column on the top with arrows showing the directions that you can move them. There are also interactive objects you can pick up using the move button to solve other puzzles around the levels. The game mechanics are nice and smooth and, to be honest, a pleasure to work with. Controlling the princess by pointing the Light Staff to where you want her to go then making her jump over crevices seems a breeze.

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You gradually guide the princess up the tower through various chapters, each with several levels to complete. With each new level comes new puzzles and obstacles to deal with, which are more complex than the last. At the end of each chapter, you are treated to a boss level each with a different type of puzzle to overcome since you need to defeat them by using your wits.

The game’s story is told over eight chapters with various puzzles to complete, not to mention ice and gravity themed levels. Every level requires some strategy and quick reflexes on your end, since often the solution depends not only on your intellect, but also your perspective of the level!

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The graphics are nicely done, and the princess is a delight to move around thanks to some smooth animation. I liked how the background music changes for each level, with an eclectic mix of genres that end up fitting the mood of the game. All in all Light Tracer is a fabulous take on the platforming genre on PlayStation VR, managing to immerse the player into a new thoroughly enjoyable immersive puzzle adventure.

Light Tracer Review - 5

This Light Tracer review is based on a PS VR copy provided by Oasis Games.

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