[PlayStation 4] Windjammers Review

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Neo Geo classic Windjammers has been given a new chance to reach a bigger audience thanks to DotEmu. Learn more about this game in our Windjammers review!

Windjammers, known as Flying Power Disc in Japan, is an arcade-style sports arcade game that was originally released by Data East on the Neo Geo. DotEmu has taken the game and released it on PlayStation 4 with everything that made the original so fun while also adding an online mode to the mix. The main premise is simple: use your selected character to grab and throw a disc to try and hit your opponent’s goal to score points so that you can win the match.

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You move your character around with the left analog stick, and slide by holding a direction on and pressing the X button. You can move the analog stick in a direction and press the X or Square button to throw the disc there – do a half-circle to throw the disc and then press the X button to get it to curve. If you’re fast and throw the disc as soon as you receive it, you can do a supersonic shot. To mix things up, use the Triangle or Circle buttons to throw the disc over your opponent. And if you stand still when receiving the disc, you can press the Square or X buttons to toss the disc into the air as you charge up a super shot –do a semi-circle motion if you want to angle it or use the Triangle or Circle buttons for a super lob!

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The game offers an Online mode and a Local mode so that you can game even when you don’t have an internet connection. Online mode offers Quick Match where you can play for fun against a random player, a Ranked Match so that you can enter a competition and aim for the top, and a Custom Match option so that you can customize a friendly online game. The Local game option offers you Arcade mode in which you chose a character and try to win all matches to become the champion (this is the same as the original arcade release), Mini-Games in which you can take on Dog Distance or Flying Power Disc Bowling, or a good old-fashioned local versus game.

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There are six characters from which to select who you will be playing with, each with a different balance of speed and power. There’s Hiromi Mita from Japan, Steve Miller from the UK, Jordi Costa from Spain, Loris Biaggi from Italy, Gary Scott from the United States, and Klaus Wessel from Germany.

Trophy hunters take notice because Windjammers includes a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy! The list includes trophies for completing Arcade mode on Hard difficulty, winning a ton of ranked matches, tossing the disc back and forth, scoring hundreds of times with each shot type, sliding all over the place, and more. It’s a fun and challenging list that will keep you busy for a while, especially for that one trophy that asks that you win ten ranked matches in a row!

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Windjammers was a very fun game back when it released on the Neo Geo, and it’s just as fun now that it’s available on PlayStation 4. The added online mode makes it possible to get your multiplayer on even when you don’t have any friends locally. If you played this one back in the day then getting the new PS4 version is a no-brainer, and if you’ve never played it, then this is the perfect time to join in on the fun.

This Windjammers review is based on a PS4 copy provided by DotEmu.

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