Nightmare Boy Coming To PlayStation 4 This Month

by EdEN, Owner

Indie duo The Vanir Project is putting the final touches Nightmare Boy, a game they’ll be releasing with BadLand Games on PlayStation 4. Come check it out!

Nightmare Boy 1

Nightmare Boy Main Features:

Classic mechanics and playability that joins roaming, adventure and platforms.

Upgradeable character after defeating each final boss: double and triple jump, different magic attacks…

Graphic engine that mixes pixel art and cartoon characters, hand drawn, giving the game a 90’s arcade feeling.

Saving system based on collected jewels in the game. The more you save, the more expensive it gets.

Dark atmosphere, shady storyline; can you discover what lies beneath?

Nightmare Boy 4

Nightmare Boy 5

Nightmare Boy 6

Nightmare Boy 3

Nightmare Boy 2

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