[Beyond PlayStation] League of Evil Review

by Tracey

League of Evil on Nintendo Switch is what you need if you’re looking for an addictive action platfomer. Read our League of Evil review to find out why!

At first glance, League of Evil may look like a simple platformer due to its minimalist art style, but looks can be deceiving. This game is actually very challenging and highly addictive, but not in a frustrating way. You play as a tiny fully bionic agent with one task: to bring down the League of Evil and save the world in the process. Most indie platformers don’t have more than 100 levels, some do, but they are very few and far between. League of Evil has 140 mind bending levels, so there is plenty to enjoy within the game’s four themed chapters, especially since each level requires you to be absolutely perfect to obtain three stars. On top of this there are several in-game achievements to unlock as you play.

League of Evil Review - 1

The core of the game is simple: your aim is to achieve three stars in each level by collecting the brief case, punching the scientist and anything else that gets in your way, but you will need to do it in the quickest possible way – oh, and without dying. Being slow and dying, as well as missing the briefcase, costs you stars. To spice things up and make the game more difficult, there are various traps in place that you must avoid, and dastardly enemies as well, which become more difficult as you progress – plenty of practice is required as well as decent reflexes! Speedrunners will enjoy the challenge as they aim at getting the lowest time possible to achieve all stars in each level – with 140 levels in total that’s definitely a good challenge!

League of Evil Review - Level Editor Before

And if that is not enough fun for you, there is also a level editor that you can have fun with. You can pick small, medium or large level grids and use a toolbar to design a level exactly the way you want it, adding details such as the backdrop, laying down traps, enemies, and more There are hours and hours of fun to be had with the level editor alone, making this one a game with a ton of replay value.

League of Evil Review - Level Editor Update

To give you an idea of how challenging the game really is, in a space of ten minutes it’s very possible to die 100+ times. Sure, that might sound a bit frustrating, but it actually makes the game quite addictive! After each death, you instinctively hit the continue button and try again and again until you manage to complete the particular level or two that are giving you trouble.

League of Evil Review - 3

League of Evil is a very fun and addictive 2D platforming release on Nintendo Switch. It’s pixel art graphics are bright and colorful, it’s gameplay is solid and controls work flawlessly, and the music is a great complement to the action. I’m happy that Ratalaika Games decided to bring us this one on Nintendo Switch, and I look forward to checking out what they do next for Nintendo’s console.

League of Evil Review - Download Player Levels

This League of Evil review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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