Time Recoil Out Tomorrow On PlayStation 4

by EdEN, Owner

Time Recoil from 10tons is making its way to PlayStation 4 tomorrow. Come check some new info and screens for this prequel to Neon Chrome!

The game is indeed a prequel to Neon Chrome, a game }Tracey reviewed, but Time Recoil does away with the roguelike and procedurally generated aspects, opting instead for handcrafted levels.

Jaakko Maaniemi, PR Coordinator over at 10tons, had this to say:

So, Time Recoil is a twin stick shooter, but it’s very different than Neon Chrome. Time Recoil is all about single bullet kills and making full use of the time slowdown effect that kicks in every time you take someone out. Additional kills in slowdown mode extend the period of the slowdown, and as you progress in the game, chained kills charge increasingly powerful special moves as well.

Special moves are the key to clearing many of the harder challenges of the game; they’ll allow you to dash through walls and enemies, obliterate rooms of enemies in a single blast, and ultimately even freeze time completely. The toughest levels require you to figure out sequences and even rhythms to your kills to keep the time slowdown going and chaining enough kills to get that all-powerful special move.

Time Recoil - 1

We’re trying to have a review ready for you soon, so be sure to stick around at PS4Blog.net!

Time Recoil - 2

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