[PS4] Comet Crash 2: The Kronkoid Wars Review

by Tracey

Comet Crash 2: The Kronkoid Wars is the sequel to Comet Crash. Does it improve on its predecessor? Find out in our Comet Crash 2: The Kronkoid Wars review!

The game is a Tower Defense/RTS hybrid game with co-op and online multiplayer. War has broken out on Planet Kulin, and it’s your job to defend your base from the incoming waves of enemies. You will begin with a tutorial that will show you how the game works. This will allow you to learn how to build and upgrade your defenses so that you can survive. The tutorial is done in a “step by step” format, so it’s very easy to follow and learn the basics. Once you are done with this, you can dive into the main campaign. The tutorial is great since there is quite a lot to learn but it kept everything very simple and informative.

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The enemies will beeline towards your base, so your goal is to find a way to block them from having an easy time. This means you will line the map with turrets and structures that can delay them as you try to destroy every single one. You will see rocks flying around the map, and you’ll need to use your ship to carry them over to your turrets to be shot down and turned into Thorium, the ore you need to build up your defenses with. You can also upgrade your turrets to make them stronger, but everything cost Thorium, so you’ll need to juggle securing more resources while you keep all structures in one piece.

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The campaign mode has 50 stages to complete, and that means that the first handful of maps will allow you to get the hang of things as the difficulty ramps up little by little at a steady pace. Even the most seasoned Tower Defense players will need to pay attention to the way the game does things, especially if you aim at getting any of its trophies! That Platinum trophy at the end of the road is not going to earn itself, so you’ll need to take a slow and steady approach so that you can stay alive as you secure your goals.

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You won’t be just be defending your base like in a standard Tower Defense release since Comet Crash 2: The Kronkoid Wars takes things a bit further. You also need to attack your enemy’s units and base to be able to succeed, and this is where the game’s RTS elements come into play. Don’t feel bad if at first, you don’t succeed since you will learn from your mistakes and improve your strategies.

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Along with the single player campaign, you can also get your multiplayer on, either offline or online. You can play with friends or online with random players. The online community for Comet Crash 2 is active and growing every day, so you’ll surely be able to find a match or two during your free time. I suggest you dive into the multiplayer portion of the game until after you have several hours of game time in the single player campaign so that you can have a good idea of what to expect when playing against human opponents. Every map plays differently, and even when replaying a map you’ve seen before you might run into a different strategy that works in your favor.

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Comet Crash 2: The Kronkoid Wars is a great sequel and a fun release. The graphics are great with a nice level of polish, making it easy to focus on the action all over the screen. As long as you give the tutorial a go and don’t end up running blindly into the main campaign, you’ll have a ton of fun during the single player campaign before you dive into the multiplayer.

This Comet Crash 2: The Kronkoid Wars review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Pelfast.

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