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by EdEN, Owner

Maize is a weird first-person exploration game from Finish Line Games on PS4. Come read our Maize review to see just how weird and bizarre the game can get!

In Maize, you’re up against sentient corn. Yes, you’ve read that right. Sentient. Corn. You wake up in the middle of nowhere near a cornfield. As you get up, you manage to see a group of sentient corn which are running away. There is nothing left to do but walk down the only open path that leads you through the cornfield towards a lonely desk with a note and an English muffin for you…

This being a first-person release, you move around with the left analog stick and look around with the right one. You can interact with things by pressing either the L2 or the X buttons. When there is something you can grab, you’ll be able to do so by using the R2 button. Once you’ve grabbed something, you can press the Triangle button to examine the item to get a clue as to how you can use it. After a few minutes of playing you’ll find a new item for your inventory, and it is then that you’ll be able to cycle between your available items by using the L1 and R1 buttons. If you need to move faster, you can sprint by holding down the L2 button. Finally, you can press the L3 button to crouch in case you need to search for something at a lower height.

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You’ll find some puzzles as you play Maize, and to find the solution, you’ll need to find the right items for the right job. For example, of the early puzzles asks that you move a wardrobe that is blocking your way. The solution, and this is the only puzzle I’ll spoil in this review, is that you need to find an empty fruit crate and a broken shovel so that you can place the crate in front of the wardrobe as you use the broken shovel’s handle as a lever to tip over the wardrobe.

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The game is a bit linear since you can’t just explore “everywhere” you go. You’ll soon find out there are some boxes of oranges – boxes which are, in fact, orange – blocking your way at specific spots in the game, basically telling you to explore your current location a bit more to find what you need. Once you have everything you’ll need to solve a puzzle or two and continue with your adventure, the game will kindly tell you that a new path has opened, prompting you to return to the spot that was previously blocked by the boxes.

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The game features a trophy list with 14 trophies in total: One Gold, two Silver and twelve Bronze. You’ll get trophies for completing each section of the game, for collecting all folio items you can find during your adventure (of which there are 75), and for completing the game in less than 2 hours. Completing the game in less than 2 hours on your first run is certainly doable, but you’ll probably need to do a second run once you know about all the items and puzzles in the game. Since 12 trophies are unmissables as they are tied to story progress, I’d suggest you take your time with your first run so that you can find all folio items to unlock 13 out of the 14 trophies – that way you can aim for the final trophy by doing a second speed run that shouldn’t take you more than an hour and a half-ish since you’ll know where everything is.

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Maize is certainly a weird first-person exploration game – a walking simulator is what some would call it – but a fun one with a dry sense of humor and visuals that get the job done (if you play on a PS4 Pro you’ll notice some extra bells and whistles here and there. What really shines during your playthrough is the great voice acting in the game which elevates the overall experience. If you’re looking for a walking simulator with a bizarre premise, then you should give Maize a try.

This Maize review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Finish Line Games.

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