[PlayStation 4] Last Day of June Review

by Ceidz, Owner

Last Day of June puts you in the shoes of two lovers named Carl and June, as you witness, well, the last day of June, the female protagonist. This is a game from the creator of Murasaki Baby. Will you be able to save the one you love? Read more in our Last Day of June review.

Last Day of June – Launch trailer

Last Day of June begins with the two lovers in a quai over the lake. It is cold, and June shivers, so it’s time for Carl to do something about it. This is when you’ll be introduced to the basic mechanics of the game, not to mention you’ll earn two quick trophies if you’re good. You’ll experience Fall, with trees full of red leaves and the whole environment feeling like an aquarelle painting.

Last Day of June Review

It then begins to rain. As you control of Carl, you’re driving on the road, and everything seems to be fine, until… Well, I’m not spoiling everything here, but you can guess something goes wrong based on the game’s title! Rest assured, the rest of this review is spoiler-free so that you can get a chance to enjoy the game on your own.

Last Day of June Review

After a short while and a few events, Carl discovers a strange power in which he can travel through June paintings and relive the memories of the subject of the painting. This leads you to solve some light puzzles to move the story forward. Things start off slowly, but everything becomes REALLY crazy near the end of the second chapter, and that’s where you’ll see how deep this game really is. You’ll probably be stuck at this point, so just be sure to think a bit outside the box so that you can find the solution to your problem.

Last Day of June Review

As for the game’s presentation, as I mentioned above, the aquarelle-like setting of the whole world is excellent. Even though the neighborhood is relatively small, the attention to detail and great design shine through. Also, the characters don’t have eyes, which made them feel different and unique. Once you play the game, you’ll also notice that not a single word is spoken during your journey, which to me felt great.

Last Day of June Review

Final Thoughts
Last Day of June is a unique experience with a great art style, and an interesting story that unfolds through the eyes of the different characters felt great. I definitely recommend this game to those of you looking for something new to try on PlayStation 4!

PSN Price: $19.99

This Last Day of June review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by 505 Games.

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