X-Morph: Defense Coming To PS4 On August 30

by EdEN, Owner

X-Morph: Defense from EXOR Studios will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 on August 30. Come check out some new info and screens for the game!

Pawel Lekki, Chief Operating Officer for EXOR Studios, had this to say about X-Morph’s story campaign:

The X-Morph’s goal is to take over the entire planet by placing their harvester cores in key strategic locations. These structures transform Earth’s surface around them and drain energy straight from the planet. Landing sites are divided into primary and secondary areas.

You are rewarded with new upgrades and technologies after securing each harvester core. You can observe X-Morph influence affecting the globe after each successful mission. There’s a large variety in gameplay sceneries ranging from urban centers and industrial complexes to dense forests.

We definitely like what we’ve seen for X-Morph: Defense, and will do our best to try and bring you a review for the game close to its launch.

X-Morph: Defense 1

X-Morph: Defense 2

X-Morph: Defense 3

X-Morph: Defense 4

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