Shooty Fruity Making Its Way To PlayStation VR

by EdEN, Owner

nDreams and Near Light are currently hard at work on Shooty Fruity, a game that will be making its way to PlayStation VR later this year. Come check out its trailer!

Dan Sheridan, Communications Manager at nDreams, had this to say:

As the newest employee of Super Megamart, you begin your day only to be set upon by masses of ‘genetically mutated’ fruit. That’s mutated, not modified. Like human-sized melons, rabid oranges, and raspberries that fire artillery at you. It’s all completely under control though. Successfully ‘doing your job’ gives you access to an arsenal of high octane, military-grade weapons that you can use to pulp the ripe plump fruit into little pieces. Juicy… Scan a tin of beans, get a pistol. Scan more tins of beans and you get a high velocity submachine gun along with an exploding ammo power-up.

Shooty Fruity

That’s a weird premise that could definitely be fun with Sony’s PS VR hardware, so we’ll be sure to check it out for you!

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