Firewatch is a game in which you play as a firewatcher, alone in a tall tower in the forest. The game fits in the walking simulator genre, and it’s one you have to play!

Your job is to make sure that the forest doesn’t burn. You are practically alone in a huge sector of the forest, but you have a trusty walkie talkie you can use to chat with Delilah, your boss from the nearby tower. That’s all I’ll say about this one, so you’ll have to play this experience in order to learn more!

As I played through this roughly 4-hour experience (add an extra hour if you missed some trophies and need to do some cleanup), I was impressed by its open world setting. You can wander pretty far as soon as you get the control of your character, and the game’s design and graphics are great. The other aspect that wowed me is how good the narrative is – it’s definitely a highlight!

All in all, I loved playing through Firewatch and ended up finishing it in a single epic 4-hour long session that ended at almost 2 a.m. I highly recommend this purchase to gamers looking for a different experience from your usual gaming sessions.

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