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by EdEN, Owner

Baboon! From Relevo is a puzzle/platformer where must fight the Pirate Baboon who is up to no good on Banana Island. Learn more about this one in our Baboon! review!

Gameplay is very simple. You can slowly walk around with the left analog stick if needed, but the main way of traveling is by setting a bomb on the ground and use the left analog stick to aim where the blast will send you. And that’s it. Bombs are all you have, and sending yourself flying through the air is your only skill. This makes a game that is very easy to play but hard to master as you try to reach the finish line for every level.

For each stage you can win up to three medals. The first one is for completing the stage. The second medal one is for doing something specific, like finishing a stage within a set time limit or using X number of bombs or less. The third one can be earned by getting every single banana on the stage. As you can imagine, you can get all three medals at the same time, so you’ll need to replay each level a few times. You should also know that if you use the dotted guide line for seeing where your bombs will send you, you won’t be able to get the medal for collecting all bananas on a stage.

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Things start off easy since you’ll only have to worry about making it to the goal as you grab the bananas in your way, but you’ll soon be introduced to hazards and enemies that will end your run in a single hit. These include the red Pokers which have spikes all over, or Beetnicks which move in a specific pattern and must be avoided at all cost.

The bananas you collect in each level can be used to purchase items at Monkey Mart. These include things such as insecticide to protect you from a bee’s sting, garlic to protect you against bats, or white yarn, to name a few. The more items you buy the more points you’ll get in your frequent client card. What will you get as a reward for all of your purchases? You’ll have to find out on your own!

Baboon! Review - Story

Once you hit the second world you’ll begin to run into quests where you’ll need to find the right item for some of the NPC in the game. For example, a bear in the second world will be more than happy to help you get past some of the lava streams in the stages in world 2, that is as long as you can go fetch him some delicious honey from Hikoni’s restaurant in the first world. To speed things up, the bear gives you access to a map you can open with the Triangle button so that you can quick travel between all worlds. Of course, you can’t just demand to be given a jar of honey. No, you’ll have to find the items the chef needs to make one! So you’ll need to get some beeswax, which can only be obtained from sparkling Beetnicks, which need to be defeated with insecticide you can purchase for forty bananas per use. But don’t worry, the rewards will be worth is as you’ll get to unlock new bomb types to aid you on your quest!

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You’ll also run into bosses during your adventure, for which you’ll need to learn their movement and attack pattern since, again, a single hit is all it takes to end your run. The first boss is a queen bee who will swoop around the screen before diving downward to try and sting you. She’ll also send around some Beetnicks to attack you between her own attacks, so you’ll need to watch out for them as well! Can you defeat all bosses and make it to the end of your adventure?

Baboon! Review - Boss

Baboon! has a short trophy list with 12 assorted trophies: eight are Bronze, three are Silver and one is Gold. Most of the trophies are awarded for completing each of the game’s worlds, while the others are for unlocking some items. The Gold trophy is the one that will take most of your time since you’ll need to collect every single medal in the game.

I had a lot of fun with Baboon! Its short levels with an arcade style of gameplay, charming and colorful story, the many medals to obtain, all the items up for purchase and those you can obtain from quests will keep you busy for a while. The boost to the game’s visual and performance from its original PS Vita release are noticeable, making this the definitive version of the game.

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This Baboon! review is based on a PS4 copy provided by Relevo.

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